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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the Daoist theory that we live in a universe in which Mind, Body & Spirit are inextricably interconnected and interdependent. As such this style of medicine understands various levels of wellness in direct correlation to our consciousness. Therapeutic techniques such as acupuncture and moxibustion; massage techniques such as tuina, shiatsu, cupping and guasha; herbal medicine; diet and lifestyle; meditation and exercise may help you regain your sense of wellness, provide mental clarity, as well as feel vibrant and energised. Diagnosis is attained via thorough history taking, and examination of your pulse, tongue, and gentle palpation of your hara (abdomen) and specific reflex zones on the body & meridian channels.


Acupuncture is a gentle therapy involving the shallow insertion of extremely fine needles into your skin at strategic points on your body. Japanese style acupuncture is very gentle, treatment is well tolerated even by those people who might be anxious about receiving acupuncture. During your treatment you will find acupuncture to be a deeply relaxing experience that promotes peace & clarity. It is a therapeutic technique that balances your flow of energy or life force (Qi) by working with & harmonising, the fundamental concepts of Yin and Yang, and the 5 elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Only the highest quality Japanese (single use) needles are used.

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is concerned with the treatment of the whole person, addressing the root imbalance that is seen as the cause of presenting physical and mental symptoms or conditions. This treatment method can be the potent catalyst that is needed for a true and lasting healing as core patterns are identified and treated, rather than just focusing on symptomatic relief. This style of acupuncture is well suited to children and a needle free Paediatric system called Shonishin is also practiced. Alexandria has studied both the Manaka and Kiiko Matsumoto styles of Japanese acupuncture.


Shonishin techniques focus on gentle & rhythmic massage and activation of the meridians to give therapeutic benefit to your child's body, muscles & meridians. Most children find this very relaxing and comfortable. Paediatric Traditional patented herbal formulas are also available for a myriad of common conditions such as cold and flu, allergies, asthma, digestion issues and bed wetting, and are a quick and effective adjunct to Shonishin therapy.

Esoteric Acupuncture

Esoteric Acupuncture is a specialized acupuncture protocol based on encoding patterns designed by Dr Mikio Sankey L.Ac. Expanding consciousness whilst balancing the chakras and other energy centres , meridians and channels in the body, this treatment enhances the essence & connection to the finer frequencies of your higher spiritual Heart. If you practice regular meditation and yoga, or are wishing to move into higher vibrations of love and awareness, Esoteric Acupuncture is a beautiful and deeply relaxing treatment that will awaken your spirituality & intuitive skills.


Moxibustion is the application of a herb, Artemesia vulgaris, to the top of the acupuncture needle, applied along the meridians, or directly to an acupuncture point in small ‘threads’ the size of a sesame seed. This is a profoundly nurturing and healing adjunct to regular acupuncture, and traditionally in Japan moxibustion is considered a medical system in it’s own right.

Chinese patented herbal remedies and diet therapy

The assessment process may include dietary recommendations and prepared Chinese herbal remedies and supplements to incorporate into your treatment programme. Recipes may also be provided as an adjunct, encompassing the philosophy of ‘food as medicine’, empowering the patient to take control of their health through diet and lifestyle. The oriental way of eating is quite different to Western styles, and sometimes just a few simple changes is all that is required to make lasting and important change to one’s health and wellbeing.

Cupping & Gua Sha

Cupping & Gua Sha are traditional techniques used to invigorate circulation as well as remove pathogens, toxins and tension from the body. Glass cups are placed strategically on the body, forming a vacuum that pulls out toxins & fluid waste from the area. Gua Sha or spooning, is a similar technique to cupping, using a smooth ceramic tool to draw out congestion & toxic build up in the muscles & connective tissue. Traditional Chinese oils & liniments are alsoused to relax the area & to help relieve pain &

Yoga, Qi Gong meditation and Sotai exercises

Individualised, patient specific exercise programmes incorporating Yoga poses and breathing techniques, Qi Gong meditation, Japanese Sotai/Setai (physical exercises involving specific resitance stretches) may also be provided in treatment. These are invaluable tools as an adjunct to acupuncture, and are a part of traditional therapy. These therapies can enhance healing, and are a useful method for the patient to be involved actively in maintaining their own health and well being.

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